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On Saturday 2nd May, from 11am we’ll be giving away FREE COMIC BOOKS! Have we gone completely crazy…well maybe!?! but you’ll still have to wait till Saturday 2nd May to find out! 🙂

Here’s whats going to be happening:
We’ll have a selection of FREE comic books which have been specially printed just for this day! And all procedes go to charity. PLUS we’ll be reducing an astonishing amount of our current stock to as little as 50p – £1.00 an issue!! Check out our SALE ITEMS section of our site to fill those gaps in your collection or just to try something new!

AND THERES MORE! on top of all that, we’ll be knocking off an additional 30% off ALL BACK-ISSUES!

It’s going to be one HUGE and FRANTIC online event, and it’s happening right here from an 11am kick-off on Saturday morning!

It’s so huge even Hugh Jackman is in on it! Don’t believe us? Then view the trailer below to find out!! As an added bonus it’s also the extended trailer to the new Wolverine movie!


  • Sale items & Free Comic Books will only be available while stocks last!
  • P&P is NOT included with the FREE comics.
  1. May 3, 2009 at 9:16 am

    We’ve extended FREE COMIC BOOK DAY to cover the whole BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND so you still have time to grab a FREE comic.

    Many of the comics sold out within the first hour yesterday, so a big thank you to all our regular customers for joining us – it was a very manic day!

    We still have a few titles left over so help yourself! PLUS we’re offering 30% OFF our entire back issue range!

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