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City of Heroes – 5 year Anniversary!


It’s a much loved game here in the Comic Domain HQ as we regularly put our tights on, fly around the city and generally save the day! If you haven’t yet played City of Heroes online then now is a great time to jump in and see what all the fuss is about.

So what has all this got to do with comics? Yes it’s a shameless plug as we’ve delved into the deep dark depths of the CD Vault and found a bunch of City of Heroes comics which we’ve now made available via our online shop. Use the handy link below to check out these tasty titles to help you get in the mood to be a true hero!

Paragon City is a Silver-Age superheroic wonderland – until the reality and terrors of the modern age catch up to its defenders in one awful and shocking moment! Now the defenders of Paragon will find out once and for all what a real hero is in today’s world! Noted superhero writer Mark Waid brings you the action, with Kubert School grad and Wizard contest winner David Nakayama on art.

Handy link: http://www.comicdomain.co.uk/acatalog/City_of_Heroes.html

For more details on the City of Heroes MMO game, and a FREE 14 day trial check out these links:

PS. If you’d like to meet up with the CD staff  in the game world, you’ll find us flying high on the US server ‘Guardian’

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