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Captain America: Reborn!

Captain America: Reborn # 1

After much anticipation Marvel has finally announced the storyline for the upcoming Reborn series – the original Captain America will return!

Everyone remembers the Death of Captain America, how Steve Rogers was struck down on the steps of a New York courthouse and how the American Dream died that day. But now there may be a way to bring back the World’s Greatest Hero.

Possibly the biggest comic book event of the year, the story begins this week with Captain America # 600, leading into Captain America: Reborn # 1 in July. The Reborn story will span the Marvel Universe, involving regular Captain America characters such as the Black Widow and Sharon Carter, as well as the Vision, Reed Richards and the Avengers. There’ll also be the Red Skull, Norman Osbourne and Doctor Doom to deal with, amongst others.

Below is Marvel’s fantastic new video preview of Captain America: Reborn.

This series will be a must have item and will sell out on release – please pre-order from us to ensure you receive a copy. If you have a standing order with us (or would like to set one up) contact us to add Captain America: Reborn to your wants list.

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