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Superman: Secret Origin

Superman: Secret Origin # 1

This Autumn DC presents a six-issue special event that spells out the definitive origin of Superman for the 21st century!

Chronicling Clark Kent’s journey from the cornfields of Smallville to the skyscrapers of Metropolis, Superman: Secret Origin will reveal a whole new look at the beginnings of Lex Luthor, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Lois Lane, Metallo, Jimmy Olsen, the Parasite and more! Told from Clark Kent’s point of view, the series chronicles his earliest memory through a journey of self discovery. It’s a look at the mythic past of the Man of Steel with an eye toward the future!

Hot on the heels of their acclaimed run on Action Comics superstars Geoff Johns and Gary Frank reunite on Superman: Secret Origin, starting with a 48-page issue in September. To add Superman: Secret Origin to your wants list contact us now – we expect this series to be popular and sell out on release.

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