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Spike # 1 (new ongoing series)

Spike # 1

IDW Publishing is proud to announce Spike, an all-new monthly series featuring the soulful vampire out on his own and in charge of his destiny. Setting off in October, fan-favorite Angel team Brian Lynchand Franco Urru are back with a whole new adventure, which encompasses Spike’s strange appearance in Buffy #35!

Spike’s first solo series will be his biggest adventure yet, jam packed with battles, action and romance, and explain how he ended up covered in bugs in BuffySpike will feature appearances by Angel, Illyria, plus a special guest appearance by Willow!  And what vampire adventure would be complete without a villain? This time, a familiar face from the past will arrive, looking to destroy Spike’s future.

With Brian and Franco back on Spike we’re going to see some incredibly important leaps for the character,” said editor Mariah Huehner. “Brian’s outline for this series actually shocked me, in a really good way, with where he wants to take the character. It’s ambitious, important, and truly epic.

This page-turning series will also include guests Tok, Beck, and Betta George from IDW’sSpike: Asylum miniseries. Now that he’s away from Angel’s watchful eye, will Spike be ready to take on his own path?

I think fans will be incredibly proud of Spike in this series. Plus, Willow shows up and there’s a great tie-in to some of what’s going on in Buffy Season 8. Readers shouldn’t miss this,” added Huehner.

DUE: OCTOBER 2010 – pre-order now!


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