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Angel Moves To Dark Horse

Angel Moves To Dark Horse

Last week it was announced the licence for the Angel comics – and all Angel related titles – would be moving to Dark Horse, the home of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. According to IDW the decision was made by Buffy and Angel creator Joss Whedon who wants to bring the whole Buffy-verse under one publisher. Hopefully this will lead to an ongoing series under the new publisher and a closer relationship between the two books.

Here is what IDW’s  Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall had to say about the move when he answered Angel fans questions on the IDW message boards:

FENDER_LOVE: So, IDW is giving up the entire license then? No further ANGEL-related mini-series or character spotlights? And does that mean that the SPIKE series will run from October 2010 to mid-2011 at the latest?

“In reverse order, yes, our (IDW) ANGEL series will run through spring 2011, and SPIKE will continue, as well. So there is still plenty to come from us. We have a very cohesive plan to not only have our titles, ANGEL and SPIKE and the ILLYRIA miniseries, all work in tandem and tell different parts of a big story. This will all bring our run to a logical conclusion, and we’ve also worked out some plot points that will bring the story in line with what Dark Horse is doing. So the biggest thing I can stress here is that this announcement was sudden, yes, but the books are not suddenly stopping or leaving by any means.

As to the first part, the entire ANGEL license is moving over to Dark Horse. We’re not giving it up – we’d prefer to keep it. But everything ANGEL-related will be moving to Dark Horse after we finish out our runs. The ANGEL license contains all the show’s characters, so when Dark Horse takes over the license, they take over all that show’s characters again. Which, since Franco Urru drew me into the end of issue 16 means that quite possibly Dark Horse now controls my likeness, too. I’ll keep an eye on the bottom of Scott Allie’s next editorial page for announcement of “Chris Ryall: the Ongoing Series.” I just hope they get Jo Chen to do covers and that I also get to have lots of spacefrakkin’.”

Buffyversefanatic: From the press release, I assume the ANGEL monthly will tie-in to Buffy Season 8/Season 9 like the SPIKE monthly. Is that correct?

“To some degree, yes. We do still have a lot to do and a lot of story to tell on our own, and I wouldn’t want to just use our comics as a way to explain/lead into BUFFY without also being true to the storyline we’ve been telling. So there will be elements that tie in and there will also be a satisfactory resolution to everything we’ve been doing, too. It’s the best of both worlds, even if that world has to be a place where we won’t be doing ANGEL comics any more.”

Allycat: Why? What reason motivated you to give up the license, or did Dark Horse just put in a higher bid? Or was it something Joss/Fox wanted?

“The latter of your three choices. I would not have stopped doing ANGEL comics if it were up to me; money had nothing to do with it. These are Joss’ characters and as I mentioned above, Joss wanted them all under one roof. And it so happens that that roof is located in Oregon, not San Diego.”

To read the full transcript from the Q&A session check out IDW

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