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All-New All Ages Adventures: Avengers & Spider-Man

All-New All Ages Adventures: Avengers & Spider-Man

Face front, action fans!  It starts here!  An all-new line of comics aimed at readers of all ages who like action, live for danger… and love heroes!!

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Adventures # 1

  • The Marvel TV animated smash is coming to comics! Written by Chris Yost, head writer on the hit series!
  • This first issue features TWO HUGE TALES that catch you up on all the action as Agent Coulson take you through the drama leading up to the launch of Season Two this spring on Disney XD.
  • Don’t tell your parents because when Earth’s Deadliest Villains meet Earth’s Mightiest Heroes…  no one’s goin’ to bed early!


Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures # 1

  • 2012’s most anticipated TV show is now the comic book you can’t miss out on!
  • By day, he’s Peter Parker, mild-mannered high school student.  But by night, he’s the Ultimate in super heroics – Spider-Man! And he’s just the beginning of a super-hero universe…
  • From the minds of the men behind the hit TV show!


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