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Cohort Comics was founded in 2013 at Deviant Art; a platform for inspiring new writers and artists to have a go at producing short stories in the comic book medium in any genre. From science fiction to horror, fantasy to super hero action and adventure – there are no limitations.

Cohort is a non-profit venture; its’ primary aim is creativity; to enjoy the challenges of doing comics at the independent level and to actively encourage other like minded souls out to take part and showcase their talents collectively. The group, run by a core team of five, holds regular online chat sessions at DA to plan out projects and discuss ideas. Cohort Comics hopes to have a small niche of titles available online for the future but for now its creative teams focus on one title – Cohort Presents.

Cohort Presents is an anthology title; each issue having four “mini” comics; three self contained tales and one serial. The first issue is edited by Brit Daz Blackburn; who has been a fan artist for several years mainly dedicated to Marvel Cosmic

Legacy is written by Ronnie Massey from South Carolina. Prior to Cohort, Ronnie has written several e.books at Goodreads.com specializing in her love of all things supernatural and paranormal. Amongst her books are Crimson Dawn and Black Moon Rising. Legacy is set in New Orleans and illustrated by Tito Miranda.


Cohort Present 1 solicitation details (resized)


Collateral Romance, a short tale of two lovers caught up by fate and superhero battles in New York – conceived by Barcelona’s Isreal Huertas. Israel’s “Ditko” style and 60’s storytelling is also currently being showcased in fan comic Prime.

Nautilus Rising was conceived by Allyson Attic but the final version was fleshed out and drawn by Cedric Lab; a devoted fan of HP Lovecraft and Jules Verne so this story featuring the return of Victorian sci’fi’s most iconic vessel to modern times appealed immensely. Cedric has a very unique style; with Nautilus being his first published work in several years.

Finally Deliciously Evil by Jasmin Steele is a “silent story” about one man’s end after a night on the tiles inspired by a photograph Jasmin saw at Tasastock. It is one in a series Jasmin calls “The Ends”. Jasmin is a very experimental artist using both clip art and different colouring techniques to create her ideas visually.

To read the Autumn/Winter edition of Cohort Presents 1 – you can read it free via http://issuu.com/cohortcomics or visit Cohort Comics at http://cohortcomics.com/










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